Roni Horn

21 april 2000 - 21 june 2000

Curated by Marcella Beccaria


Intentionally open to different interpretations, the works of Roni Horn (New York, 1955) investigate the subtle processes that lead to the construction of identity.

Through installations, sculptures, photographs or texts the American artist captures the slight perceptual enigmas, linguistic ambiguities and semantic shifts that, while belonging to the common experience, are often omitted or ignored.

The mutable landscape of Iceland is the place where Horn situates a significant portion of her research, theoretically unifying the experience of geographic exploration with that of introspective analysis. The photographic installation Pi, 1998, is part of this long journey that entrusts the construction of meaning to the dialectic relationship with each visitor.

The role of the observer is also fundamental in Still Water (The River Thames, for Example) (Acqua quieta – Il Tamigi, per esempio), 1999, an installation with images and texts emerging from the artist’s observation of the Thames. Each element in the series is a photographic foreground of the changeable waters of the river, whose nature the artist seeks to decipher through annotations, notes and literary quotations.