From 24 June 1994 to 28 August 1994

Curated by Francesca Pasini, Giorgio Verzotti

In response to the growing complexity of communication systems and cultural and social exchange, the exhibition intends to analyze the modalities of a renewed relationship between human beings and their environment, no longer characterized by a confrontation between heterogeneous and distinct elements, subject and object, but rather by fully autonomous and independent subjects.

Thus soggettoSoggetto is not a hypothesis to be investigated, but an actual fact, a political modality for establishing a different relationship between things and people in order to invent a more active way of interacting with the changes produced by contemporary technology.

Most of the artists presented, both Italians and international figures, explicate this deviation from binary subject-object rigidity through the use of photographic and video means that result in an unusual inter-subjectivity. The relationship between image and reality, the idea of the double, sexual identity and interactive communication are some of the principal themes that are addressed. The consciousness that unites the works is the will to not remain closed within the horizon of a self-referential dimension, to instead bear witness to a horizontal and open sense of contemporaneity. This inter-subjective movement makes it possible to bring memory alive and at the same time to give weight to the perception of the present, transmitting the feeling of universality that is specific to art.


From 24 June 1994 to 28 August 1994