Education Department
Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea


In these days marked by an emergency that has deeply changed our habits, creativity is a fundamental tool to translate difficulties into new opportunities. Thus, the Education Department has launched and promoted a new campaign through its social media named #IOSTOCONLEARTENAUTE to keep moving in the journey through art. On this occasion the Web is the ideal medium to create or maintain bonds and shape relationships… as if they were Fragments of a Lover’s Discourse.

We asked our audience to become the protagonist of a precious collective memory, made of individual pieces, by activating a special open call and inviting people (young people, teachers, parents, tourists and occasional visitors) that have visited Castello di Rivoli throughout the years and now have to stay just temporary away from it, to share their personal memories with an image, a short text or a quote using the hashtag #IOSTOCONLEARTENAUTE.

We want thus to build a sort of sentimental reconstruction of past events that have interwoven in the history of Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, underlining the bond between the museum and its public. A “call to arts” for all those who are close to us, a real not just symbolic act of proximity and interest, waiting for the moment when we will be able to reconnect with the Museum in other ways, besides the digital one which is though extremely helpful in this historical moment.

The call Segnali dal mondo had already projected us into the global dimension through the web: the Educa&on Department activated a network of relations through the internet on a global scale, with this project that was born in collaboration with Stalker Teatro and Luci d’Artista Città di Torino, with the artwork by Luca Pannoli L’amore non fa rumore (Love makes no noise) hosted in Piazza Montale, Torino. With the aim of connecting citizens and communities, we asked the participants to suggest an image of their own reality and individual experience: photos of urban and non urban landscapes, with a special attention to signs and signals, important instruments of non verbal communication, used in the organization of life in cities and different inhabited contexts. The shots resulting from the different points of views on the urban landscape of everyday life were assembled in a collective work mounted in Piazza Montale to reconfigure the urban and architectural landscape of the square itself. As stated by Anna Pironti, this contest (in Italian concorso, from Latin cumcurrere, run together) means running together instead of competing, giving an individual contribution to a collective set, making a great work composed by many different fragments, in accord with the commitment to the territory of the theatre company Stalker Teatro and the artwork by Luca Pannoli.