Ramona Ponzini

Frogs.picus.VANNA is the first sound artwork composed by Ramona Ponzini, artist playing at the intersection between music and poetry while experimenting with audio collages since 2016.

The three-channel installation invites us to indulge in an exercise that echoes the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku. The hoarse and intermittent call of the frog in frogs, 19’30’’, is overwritten by the subdued chirping of birds and the screeching of insects that the artist challenges us to identify in picus, 18’58’’. This walkthrough with the eyes closed is accompanied by the electronic and liquid modulations of VANNA, 19’16’’. In its palimpsestic ecology, the work feeds into sonic movements conceived as a whole challenging the frontality of a live DJ set in favor of an immersive circularity where we tune our breath to the forest.