CRRI Archives

The CRRI – Castello di Rivoli Research Institute is a Department established in 2017 within the Museum whose mission is the research, collection, and valorization of archival materials of Italian artists, architects, curators, gallerists, and collectors active in particular from the 1960s to the present today. Through the CRRI, the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea intends to expand its scientific and academic vocation.

The archives collected by CRRI are interpreted according to a double register of intervention. On the one hand they become material for study and research by both Italian and international scholars, invited through special institutional partnerships and/or the bestowal of scholarships (Visiting Scholar, Visiting Artists, etc.). On the other, they become living matter, open to creative and interdisciplinary dialogue with artists, writers, filmmakers, graphic designers and curators.

CRRI’s activities also include the organization of workshops, round tables and study days, the conception of temporary exhibitions, the publication of books, catalogs and documentary videos, as well as the production of artworks that have their point of origin in the collected archival materials.

The CRRI is located at the Manica Lunga of the Castello di Rivoli, in spaces reconfigured thanks to a project curated by architect Andrea Bruno, who has equipped the museum with rooms for the conservation and enjoyment of materials.

T +39 011.9565286

Giulia De Giorgi
T +39 011.9565286