Paolo Pellion di Persano Archive

The Paolo Pellion di Persano Archive was donated by the photographer’s heirs to CRRI in 2023. It consists of more than 44,000 photograms, including slides, photocolors, negatives, and specimens dating from 1966 to 2017. The Archive also contains publications from the photographer’s personal library, as well as documents and objects from his daily work.

The ensemble traces Pellion’s entire activity from his beginnings in the 1970s, recording the recognizable thematic cores in his work: travel, the social ferments of the period, the developments of Arte Povera, his work for fashion, and his interest in theater. The conspicuous section devoted to the long relationship between Pellion and Castello di Rivoli, an institution whose beginnings he documents in 1984 and which he follows with continuity until 2012 and beyond, offers an engaging narrative on the Museum’s collecting and exhibition history while showing the diverse relationships that have existed between the historic building and the contemporary art exhibited there.