“arte povera più azioni povere”, Amalfi, 1968 Archive

On the occasion of the exhibition at the Castello di Rivoli October 1968. “arte povera più azioni povere” at Arsenali in Amalfi (2018-2019), the CRRI received as a donation a copy of the photographs taken by Bruno Manconi to document the exhibition arte povera più azioni povere held at the Antichi Arsenali della Repubblica, Amalfi, in 1968.

The 1968 exhibition was curated by Germano Celant and was organized by the Centro Studi Colautti, Salerno, promoted by the collector, publisher and patron Marcello Rumma (Salerno, 1942-1970), and Manconi’s photographs were donated by his widow, the gallerist and collector Lia Rumma. The exhibition in Amalfi was the first Arte Povera exhibition held in a public, albeit non-institutional, space, and constituted the first important moment of internationalization of the artists’ researches, promoting the meeting between the protagonists of Italian Arte Povera and those of the Conceptual art, Postminimalist art, and the Land art, then emerging internationally.

Manconi’s photographs constitute a unified body documenting not only the works of the artists in the exhibition, but also the performative actions and the public program. In particular, the images record moments from the “assembly,” which saw some of the most influential critics, curators, art historians, and intellectuals of the emerging generation come together to reflect on the new expressive possibilities explored by artists, on the possible reactions to a rising contemporary art system in Italy, and the role of criticism in such an art-historical context.