Gustav Metzger

Gustav Metzger, the creator of so-called “auto-destructive” art, in 1966 held one of his first events using liquid crystals, presented in a shop window of a bookstore in London. This totally original art technique pioneered by Metzger was based on the insertion of a particular chemical substance between two microscope slides. Placed in a projector and slowly rotated by means of a special mechanism, the slide produced continuously changing shapes and colors, depending on the temperature of the substance inside the slide and its consequent passages through an intermediate state between solid and liquid.


Liquid Crystal Environment is a practicable environment that immerses visitors in psychedelic projections that, according to Metzger, were endowed with a mystical and potentially therapeutic power. The installation is one of the largest designed by the artist using liquid-crystal technology. The liquid crystals, which are now part of everyday life through the use of LCD TV and mobile phones, are a state of matter in which molecules are able to exist halfway between solid and liquid.